Monday, February 21, 2011

Mixtape Premiere :: SUPERSONIC IIII #ggmix4coastin

Berlin-via-Brooklyn native and Gucci Goth mastermind Daniel Dodecahedron recently hooked us up with the premiere for this killer mix he put together with cover art by ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖİŞŢ. Don't let the false roman numerals fool you, this is the first in the series, though more will come. It features bangers from Björk, TEETH, House of LaDosha and Wiz Khalifa amongst others. Layered with bass thumps, puncturing synths, swirling textures, syrup laced vocals and bricks of swag, this shit's meant for playing in the dark. Take something to make your eyes bigger if you can't see well enough. Don't sit still. Get the fuck up. Full tracklist after the jump.

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Bjork - Hunter (Venus X Angel RefiX)
Yolanda Be Cool - Villalobos for Presidente (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Mumdance - Smasher (Top Billin' Vocal Remix)
TEETH - Care Bear AP
DJ Dwizz - Put My Leg Up Then I Twist
Canblaster - Triple Ring
House of LaDosha - H/A/M
Wiz Khalifa - On My Level
Nero's Day At Disneyland - Death Parade (ft. Kevin Shields)

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