Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mixtape Premiere: Virtual Connections

The cuties over at Gucci Goth just hooked us up with the exclusive drop on their new mix titled Virtual Connections. The mix is to get y'all prepared for the Gucci Goth showcase at the upcoming Drop Dead Festival. In true GG fashion, their showcase will feature not just great live performances from CREEP, oFF and Butterclock, but also art exhibits including nailart by Perfictionism and a garden of floral artwork from Theophany Low. Get the full rundown after the jump.

Download/Stream: Gucci Goth - Virtual Connections



Live performances by


oFF (Paris)

Butterclock (Paradise)

and DJ sets by

Sick Girls (Berlin)

BlackBlackGold (NYC/Berlin)

xorzyzt (LA/Berlin)




- THE NEW REAL: Enhance your perception of the world around you with Gucci Goth’s exhibit on the reconceptualization of culture /subculture /fashion

- PRO-NAILS: Visualize successful finger lifestyles with an exhibit on nailart by Perfictionism

- SHINE ON: Beautiful hair knows no limitations. Experience this natural wonder on a massive scale with photographs by Felisa Funes

- TRANSCENDENT FLORALS: We all know that 2011 has been a huge year for floral patterns, so the introduction of floral art has become necessity. The spiritual garden becomes you with yin and yang floral art from Theophany Low

- DRO VORTEX VISIONARIES: Life is the trial of carbon. Allow your heart and mind to be soothed and centered by the visuals of some of our favorite audio artists

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