Saturday, September 17, 2011


Dustin Illingworth, a.k.a. Bone Quida Ida, sent us some lovely gems that are perfect for a relaxed Saturday at home. His music is somewhat reminiscent of Panda Bear and Vampire Weekend, but packs even more of a pop-punch. It's funny that his press photo includes cozy Christmas decorations, because the strings, shaker, and lyrics in his track "Quixote" kind of make me feel like I'm in a snowglobe. The other track that's up on his SoundCloud, "Beneath the Pier", is equally as inviting and catchy; its title fits perfectly with the various warm, blurry synth textures throughout. Both tracks will be on a free digital EP he plans to release this winter, also titled Beneath the Pier. We'll be keeping an eye out.

MP3 ::


  1. quixote is a jam, that's for sure. see you in the snowglobe.