Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Science Is My Girlfriend

I present to you: Mr. Alvin Fenner, or neat beats, as they call him in the "biz". His tracks are intricate atmospheres seemingly woven out of sparkling beats, synth loops, and moondust. His most recent album, "Cosmic Surgery", is chock-full of widely varying, lush songs that are perfect to kick back and listen to with your headphones, or as neat beats suggests, "for a rainy day, smoking a cigarette indoors". The track "Science Is My Girlfriend" is a gorgeous, delicate work that expertly blends beats and never comes across as crass. For a very different flavor, check out the equally as dope "Kung Fu of the Astronaut Drunkards".

You can download the whole album over at neat beats' spacestation, and like him on the Facebook here.