Thursday, September 29, 2011


Knoxville-based band Nomadic Firs is here with some sepia-tinged, fuzzylicious pop that will surely brighten your coming weekend. The dude that makes up Nomadic Firs, Ryan Boos, was kind enough to send us "Vines", a single off the self-tited, self-released debut which will be out next month (I'm definitely looking forward to it; this stuff is catchy as hell). The track is cheerfully carried along by an awesome, swirling bass line that's topped with pleasant vocals that remind me a little of Kelley Stoltz. It's quite apparent that Nomadic Firs believes you "deserve a little bit of sunshine".

Feel free to check out some of his other tracks right hair. We'll try not to hold it against him that he doesn't like goat cheese.


  1. Holy shit this is great. How have I not heard of them? Thank you GOTC.

  2. He has such a unique and unexpected style. The music goes in so many directions which I like.