Monday, October 10, 2011

All Working

"All Working" is one of several new singles being slowly released by Ender Belongs To Me, a duo made up one who goes by Peter Wiggin and another who is his childhood friend. Their music is apparently already relatively old, originating from a three year period - now ended, one hopes - during which the two were "slipping into a more and more aggressive state of addiction," which they identify as "the sad fate for many in our bored generation". This sense profoundly informs the vulnerability of their music. Particularly how the earnest, lightly effected vocals are experienced as they describe desperate hope amidst a spare piano arrangement and beat sequences that lift the tone toward an artificial positivity, where the duo's lyrics evoke the ordered succumbing of our "bored generation" to vice.

Expect more soon, watch for it here.


  1. sweet i dig it
    nice find

  2. Wow
    Pretty greatl would love to hear more

  3. captivating urban tribal mel-o-dy.